Legal Precedent Helps Child Abuse Victims

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On March 17th, 2016, Judge Wilson had the wisdom and courage to rule that an abused child does not have to spend time with an abusive parent, even in supervised visits. Wisdom because she understood that supervised visits triggers distressing nightmares and memory disturbances of the abuse they have suffered.  Courage because an abusive parent has never been denied parental access to the children he or she abused.  A big shout out to the lawyer Mary Helms for her fortitude in making sure the right minded people came together to discuss this issue.  To the mental health worker who spoke the truth about how a parenting class will not change abusive behaviour and to the family who were willing to speak the truth about the abuse until someone would listen, your deep strength is inspiring.  I am so proud of the role I played in furthering the cause of protecting children from  abuse and I can’t thank you enough for what each of you was able to do.  Of the 80 percent of children that are not helped by both the institutes of health and education, the justice system has stepped up and because they did the children involved will not be part of that 80 percent.

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