RTB by evaluating the words you use. Your vernacular has a direct effect on you and everyone around you because words have incredible power. They have the power to encourage or humiliate, to inspire or to destroy. The words you use broadcast who you are as a person. An insecure person will use their words to tear others down and a confident, secure person will try to make others strong.

Pay attention to the following words and see if you can decrease their use:

  1. I/you ALWAYS ____________. Using definite statements weakens the human condition for happiness. We are constantly evolving. You aren’t the same person you were last year, last month or probably even last week. You or someone else are not ‘always’ anything. Absolutes promote rigidity, control and stagnation. Instead try, “In the past I have _________, now I will ___________.” or “I messed up that time.”
  2. It’s NOTHING. We often use this phrase after a compliment but it implies a rejection of your own positive attributes. By saying “It’s nothing” you are giving the impression that you are nothing. It is important to start accepting the things you are good at. We all have them. Instead say, “thank you” or “I appreciate that”.
  3. That’s not FAIR. I am confident that you have figured out by now that nothing in life is fair. The technique to use when you are on the short end of a stick, is to find what is fair in your life, or what unfair advantage you have. Instead try thinking/saying, “I don’t have that advantage, but I do have ___________”.
  4. In keeping with the unfairness of life words to avoid; If ONLY ___________ then I COULD _________. When you do this you are only looking at the negative aspects of your life. Replace with; “Since I have _________, I can _____________.

Life will knock you down at times – that is also part of the human condition, but the words you use can profoundly affect how much you and others suffer.

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