What you do is interconnected with what you think and how you feel. What you think is interconnected  with how you feel and what you do. How a person feels is interconnected with what you do and what you think. I hope you get the idea that you can’t change one without changing the other two. It also means that if you change one of the three you will be changing the other two as well. Look at a smile, as soon as you think of the smile, your brain will be getting ready to tell the muscles around your lips to pull up. If you follow through with actually smiling you will feel better. The opposite is also true. think of the last time you broke something, you probably started thinking how clumsy or stupid you are and you will feel worse. The same goes for behaviour. You can’t change behaviour unless you change how you think and feel. In other words, you need to retrain your neurological functioning (brain) and this requires setting up both an intrinsic and extrinsic environment for yourself that insures success.

Every week I will be posting a technique and/or tip that helps to create the necessary environments for positive and successful change.

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