A recent article in Globe and Mail newspaper in Canada described a disturbing review of the use of solitary confinement in Ontario’s 20 youth detention centers.  The 78-page report from the Advocate for Children and Youth found that “provincial practices fall well short of international standards.”  According the article, “in 2014, Ontario facilities placed 164 young people in solitary for periods beyond 24 hours. Thirty-eight of those placements stretched over 72 hours and 13 lasted in excess of five days. In rare cases, youths spent more than 15 days in the isolation cells.”  Several youth reported experiencing “humiliating and degrading” conditions while in solitary confinement.
Research in the neurosciences shows that punitive, adversarial, reactive, unilateral, ineffective, and counterproductive interventions, such as solitary confinement, can have harmful, adverse effects on children.  Together we KAAN make a difference!
Click here to urge the Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services, Hon. Tracey MacCharles, to take steps to dramatically reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of solitary confinement in Ontario’s juvenile detention facilities.  The email you send will contain a link to free, educational, evidenced-based resources that are a compassionate, effective alternative to use of solitary confinement.
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